Late last year after growing tired of the Miami restaurant scene, Zachary Schwartz and Oren Bass tossed in their corporate chef coats and decided to move into the realm of gourmet food trucks. These Johnson & Wales University North Miami classmates have taken their knowledge base acquired from working in Michilen rated kitchens and brought it to the streets.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to say hello to the Slow Food Truck and SFT Bistro, mobile eateries that brings you slow cooked, seasonal, and straight from the farm cuisine. Both are truly Gourmet Food Trucks. All food is prepared on sight and made to the customers specifications. From the 8 hour roasted pulled pork to the butter poached fresh florida lobster roll, all sourced locally, your tasted buds will be dancing.

So check out Twitter and Facebook to find us at our next location. GET HUNGRY!!!!